Stephen is a builder. Just read his landmark book Building Church and you will begin to understand some of the breadth of his experience and just what motivates him to help others build thriving churches today.

Building Church has two expressions for Stephen:

  • As a pastor:

    Helping leaders build the unique local church God has envisioned them to establish in their community. Spiritual church-building dynamics are not a formula that guarantees a given result; they are a set of guiding principles that have to be applied with skill and wisdom into the unique local church being built. This is the skill of the church builder.

Stephen conducts Building Church Seminars based on material from his book Building Church as requested, each tailored to the setting.

The very effective Church Health Check analysis, from the same book, has also been used to help local church teams achieve and maintain balanced health across their work and mission.

  • As a former building surveyor:

    Advising on the physical building process, whether new-build or refurbishment, to ensure churches achieve a building facility that best serves their mission.

Stephen was a Chartered Building Surveyor before entering Christian ministry fulltime. He project managed all the buildings constructed on the Life Church campus, Bradford, as well as assisting and advising other churches and ministries across the UK regarding building schemes of all kinds. He has now retired from practicing professionally but retains a healthy interest in all things construction related. His experience bridges the gap between the construction industry and the unique world of the local church. Please enquire for more information about this aspect of Stephen’s ministry.