Some of our best work is done around the table rather than from the pulpit!

Stephen supports and advises individual leaders, churches and ministries in a coaching capacity as his experience permits. This can involve sitting on advisory boards, training leaders, helping teams develop strategies and simply being an objective voice of wisdom into a setting.

His experience on all aspects of growing, managing and developing the church can be drawn on to help the church or leader navigate a specific season. Over the years, many of these have involved practical building projects as well as spiritual church-building dynamics.

 Please contact us if you would like to know more about:

Church Coaching

Bespoke coaching inputs tailored to consistently support  leaders, teams or churches over an agreed period of time.

Leader’s Edge

A series of round-the-table, interactive team coaching sessions, designed to allow emerging leaders the opportunity to draw on Stephen’s experience with their peers. Typically held monthly or bi-monthly with 12-20 participants in their local church setting. Each Leader’s Edge programme is unique to the group of leaders concerned and evolves as they  grow together.

Individual Coaching

Personal mentoring, in person or via web-based platforms as appropriate, to guide and support Christian leaders through specific challenges, seasons of change and the attainment of personal growth objectives. In particular, Stephen serves a number of senior ‘second chair leaders’ / Associate Pastors in this way.