Stephen’s bio

Stephen Matthew is a gifted Bible teacher, author and committed church-builder with well over 30 years of experience in Christian ministry.

He served as Senior Associate Pastor of LIFE Church, Bradford for many years, which remains his home, but today he spends most of his time serving a growing relational network of churches and leadership teams as a coach, speaker and hands-on strategist.

Stephen was the Founding Principal of LIFE Church College, where he is still teaches regularly, and enjoys being a guest lecturer at a number of Bible Colleges in Europe.

He has become a popular speaker at national and local church conferences and a supportive voice to leadership teams across a wide spectrum of churches and ministry networks, who benefit from his long church-building experience.

The communication of truth with clarity is Stephen’s passion, which is reflected in both his practical, insightful and equipping teaching style, and in his writing. His landmark book Building Church has become something of a ‘life message’ and is a great practical tool for anyone committed to building God’s House – especially leaders.

His other titles are of timeless relevance to every Christian and targeted to help them live a fruitful and effective life as a Christ-follower. His latest title Wisdom Wins! is for everyone who has ever looked for the elusive ‘bit of wisdom’ in a given situation because they want to find God’s path of wisdom for their life, and flows from his wide pastoral experience.  Rooting Out Relationship Killers is a must-read for anyone serious about building great ones! And the  ‘Abundant Life Skills’ series of Bible study books each place practical tools in the reader’s hand. Ideal for personal or small group use, current titles include:

Bringing the BIBLE to Life || Battle for the MIND  ||  MONEY Matters  ||  Increasing PEACE 

Prior to entering full-time Christian ministry in 1982, Stephen enjoyed a successful career as a Chartered Building Surveyor and has never lost his love of building, remaining involved in the profession for many years. As a result he has advised many leadership teams on the complexities of building or refurbishing property, including project managing all the buildings on the LIFE Church Bradford, Leeds and Belfast campuses.

Stephen and his wife Kay have four adult children and eight wonderful Grandchildren.

Stephen would love you to connect with him by using any of the social links, or you can email him directly through the “Contact” page