Stephen’s passion is to communicate truth with clarity. He aims to inspire and equip the listener with practical wisdom for everyday Christian living that is rooted in sound biblical theology.

As a local church pastor for over 30 years, Stephen understands people and their diverse needs. He loves to lead them on a journey towards understanding all that God has made them and see their potential released.

His wide experience has made him a popular speaker in a variety of settings, from national conferences to local church environments of all sizes.

Having served as the Principal of Covenant College near Coventry (1994-96) and being the founding Principal of LIFE Church College (2000 to present), Stephen also has a keen interest in applied theology and equipping the next generation with sound doctrine. As such he serves as guest teacher in a number of Bible School settings in Europe.

Stephen is the Principal the Building Church Academy which provides quality, structured training for aspiring leaders and church builders through its Building Church Dynamics course and other initiatives.

A selection of messages are available to download from the FREE RESOURCES page of this website and a recent message is also linked to each of Stephen’s blogs.