Stephen is a believer in the power of the written word, whether in printed or digital format. His current titles include:

Building Church

building-churchIf a book defines Stephen’s journey to date, this is it.

He is a committed church builder and through these pages he shares invaluable lessons and practical wisdom from over 30 years of church building experience.

This is a book for everyone, not just leaders. We are all builders in God’s House!

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Rooting Out Relationship Killers

rooting-out-relationship-killersThis is the one relationship book everyone should read!

It contains proven strategies to ensure the cultivation and development of healthy relationships of every kind. It is a book for all, not just the relationally dysfunctional, and as such is thoroughly preventative in its purpose. It is easy-to-read and fun to share with others.

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Abundant Life Skills

ALLSEquipping you to live your new life in Christ to the full.

This is a series of small format Bible studies for personal and small group use that will truly change your life. Each title deals with a ‘spiritual life skill’ needed to live the ‘abundant life’ Jesus promised us but which too few of us manage to live to the full. Titles include:

  • Battle for the MIND
  • Bringing the BIBLE to Life
  • MONEY Matters
  • Increasing PEACE

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Wisdom Wins

ALLSStephen’s latest title Wisdom Wins is for everyone who has ever looked for the elusive ‘bit of wisdom’ in a given situation because they want to find God’s path of wisdom in their life, and flows from his wide pastoral experience.

Essential reading for every Christian and an invaluable tool-box for every leader.

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DISCOVERY: Exploring Christianity
Discovery Logo
To help people on their personal voyage of DISCOVERY into Christianity, Stephen wrote a discipleship course called DISCOVERY. It consists of 12 short lessons, written for self-study or use in a small group. At the time, it fully complemented the core values of the Church he was pastoring, which explains the format it is presented in.

The lessons have recently been updated and are available here as a FREE download.

So, if you are exploring Christianity as a new Christian, or helping someone who is, they will be a useful resource. There is also a ‘Teacher’s Guide’ with helpful pointers for those using the material with a group.

If you enjoy the DISCOVERY course, please do let Stephen know.


DISCOVERY teacher’s guide